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Information on the blacklisted banks, the blacklisted banks, and the blacklist query. Which banks give loans to those on the blacklist? Can someone on the blacklist get credit? You can find the 2018 current information of the banks that give credit to the blacklist in the continuation of our article. If you work with banks, it is also normal for you to have problems with banks. If your bank debts go into legal proceedings due to negativities in your payments , the bank will take you to the blacklist and will directly reject your next loan requests. For this reason, we wanted to give information about the banks that give credit to the blacklisted ones. What are these banks? Can someone on the blacklist get credit? What are the blacklisted banks?


Banks Lending to Black Listed?

First you need to find out if you are on the blacklist. If you have no idea if you are on the blacklist, you can read our blacklist inquiry and find out if you have a blacklist (red pen) notification registered by the Goodhand Bank.


Does the Bank Lend to Black Listed Banks?

blacklisted bank

Now, let’s come to the black list, which is the banks that give credit . If you have completely closed your debts to the blacklisted bank and it’s been a long time, you don’t have to worry. Banks update registrations for an average of 5 years . You can also submit specific documents to your bank if you wish to expedite the correction of your registration. Thanks to these documents, your bank will examine your new income model and it will be very useful for your loan usage. But if you have just entered the blacklist , you should first close your debts and wait for a certain period of time. If you want to use a loan without waiting, you can also get information about the places that give credit outside the bank.

As we have said, if it has been a long time since you entered your blacklist and you have completed the payment of your debts, you can apply to the bank under the following conditions. If you get negative results, you can also request KKB update from your bank.

  • Income Information (Salary Payroll)
  • Warrantee (if the bank wishes)
  • Additional guarantees (if required by the Bank)
  • Maximum 100.000 TL application

You can apply for credit under these conditions. However, since we do not know your blacklist time clearly, this method has absolutely no useful effect. As we said, you should first make a blacklist query and have a clear understanding of when you entered the blacklist. If it’s been a while, it’s likely that what we’re saying works.


Meet the conditions mentioned above and you have these facilities

bank lending

you can use credit from banks even if your credit record is broken. Banks can give you credit through these guarantees. All of these current credits on your existing credit rating, as well as by questioning your credit score, which banks would also talk with bank employees. Don’t decide for yourself that your credit rating is low, leave it to bank employees. Free Credit Note You can make a credit query without going to the bank with the query methods.

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